KHRAG’s Kurdish Festival

CAPE TOWN – A Kurdish Festival was organized by the Kurdish Human Rights Action Group South Africa at Baran’s Kurdish Restaurant. The day included several documentaries about the Kurdish issue, Kurdish food and Music. The festival was attended by local people, International people and Kurdish students.  Both Chairperson Judge Essa Moosa and Vice-Chairperson Reverend Matthew Essau of the Kurdish Human Rights Action Group,   spoke about KHRAG in general and the aim of this festival.

Documentaries about the Kurdish people and the situation of Kurdish Human Rights were showed to the people.
Until today the basic Human Rights of the Kurdish people  in Turkey, Iran and Syria are still not guaranteed. KHRAG showed and exposed the people what is happening now with the Kurds in these countries. Furthermore members of KHRAG were collecting signatories for their ongoing campaign for the release of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan. Stands with flyers, t-shirts and books were at the Festival to promote and inform the people about the Kurdish issue. To let the people feel and smell the Kurdish culture, Kurdish music clips were shown and a Kurdish buffet was offered.  A documentary  by Journalist Yazeed Kamaldien about the protest in Brazil againgst the Fifa World Cup 2014 was screened as well.

KHRAG would like to thank all the people who were present at the Festival.