The Kurdish Human Right Action Group (KHRAG) was established in Cape Town, South Africa, on 14 February, 1997. KHRAG is an independent, non- political organization. It strives for the protection of human rights of all Kurdish people, regardless of religion, belief, opinion, political persuasion, race or nationality. It is committed to the peaceful resolution of the Kurdish problem in the Middle East but more particularly in Turkey.


The KHRAG pursues the goal in order to promote:

1- Awareness of the Kurdish struggle for the recognition of their basic human rights and the right to practice their culture, language and customs and the protection of such rights;

2- Awareness of the right to freedom of association and more particularly to form their own cultural, social and political organizations and the freedom of expression and more particularly the right to be taught in their mother-tongue, to establish written and electronic media in the Kurdish language;

3- Awareness of human right abuses perpetrated against the Kurds, more particularly in Turkey and to strive to bring an end to such violations through peaceful means;

4- Resolution of the Kurdish question in Turkey through dialogue with the legitimate leaders of the Kurdish people and their legitimate organizations;

5- Peace and reconciliation in Kurdish and Turkish society on the basis of recognition for the political and cultural identity of Kurdish people.


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